Ingredia Essential

The Art of Milk essentials

Milk closest to its source 

Milk is a living and noble raw material. Ingredia Essential is Ingredia’s unit which promotes milk from the La Prospérité Fermière cooperative closest to its source, in its original condition, in order to preserve all its qualities. Ingredia Essential monitors and has full control of the origin of the milk, its collection and assures its total traceability. 

Thanks to its dairy know-how, Ingredia Essential offer a wide range of ingredients made from fresh milk for food industries. The products offered by Ingredia Essential are manufactured from fresh milk, guaranteeing the best quality for its ingredients.

In this way, Ingredia Essential promotes fresh milk from its own factories in various forms:

 Dairy powders:

  • Whole milk powder, with different possible moisture contents 
  • Cream powder, with 42% fat 
  • Skim milk powder, 

 Organic farming range:

  • Powdered organic whole milk 
  • Powdered organic skimmed milk 

 UHT Sterilized Milk in bottles (1L or 50 cL):

  • Whole milk
  • Semi-skim milk
  • Skim milk

By controlling its product manufacture, Ingredia Essential is able to meet the most demanding client specifications in a specific manner.

Lastly, Ingredia Essential offers wide packaging possibilities for its products, from a 25 kg bag to a 25T tank.  


Our products and markets

Chocolate -  PROCHOC® range: As a specialist in powdered milk for the chocolate industry, Ingredia Essential has also developed the PROCHOC® range, dairy solutions which, on the one hand, allow rheological parameters of chocolate (determining viscosity) to be improved and, on the other hand, optimisation of industrial procedures (controlling production costs).  


Ice-cream - PROCREAM® range: Ice-cream and frozen desserts are constantly improving, combining innovation and the enjoyment of tasty dairy products.  The PROCREAM® range of dairy solutions offers a variety of functions leading to improved organoleptic qualities of ice-cream (spoonability, smoothness, creaminess…) while controlling recipe costs.


Our philosophy

"Having had forty years’ experience of the powdered milk market, Ingredia Essential is putting its know-how at the
service of its clients.
Our technological and application expertise make us a preferred business partner. Our sales and 
 R&D teams have a long-term commitment to industrial processes.
Our presence over five continents and the excellent knowledge of local specificities arising from this enables us to adjust our product offer and meet the expectations of clients and end consumers as closely as possible.

Philippe Delord, Ingredia Essential Director