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Thanks to its expertise in milk cracking and knowledge of markets, Ingredia Functional offers strong added-value milk ingredients – native milk proteins, functional and nutritional systems – that are adapted to each of its customers within food and nutrition industries. As a real innovation partner, Ingredia Functional brings its clients its expertise and industrial, applicative, sales, marketing knowledge to provide them functional and nutritional milk ingredients to conquer new markets.


A whole range of solutions particularly adapted to food industry

From total milk proteins to unique and innovative milk proteins, Ingredia Functional develops and offers a large range of milk ingredients with great functionalities – creamyness and texture booster, replacement of fats… – for food industry: fresh dairy products, cheese sectors, beverage…

Combining functional properties of milk ingredients and/or non-dairy ingredients, Ingredia Functional offers also functional systems. Thanks to new functionalities, these easy-to-use and tailor-made ingredients answer specific requirements of industrials: optimization of texture and stability of end-products, cost-saving, ready-to-use solutions…


Experts in nutritional added-value milk ingredients

Native milk proteins – milk protein isolate, micellar casein, native whey protein – and hyrdolysates: here are innovative and high added-value milk ingredients for nutraceutical and nutritional sectors:

  • Sport Nutrition (recovery, muscle building...)
  • Dietetic Nutrition (high protein diets)
  • Cinical Nutrition (sarcopenia, osteoporosis...)
  • Infant Nutrition (hypoallergenic...)


From fresh milk and non denaturted, those innovative ingredients have not only unrivalled nutritional properties, but also superior functionalities, which provide well textured and tasty end-products. These native milk proteins offer ideal solutions to our customers to conquer new nutrional markets.


Our philosophy


''Our technical expertise and application knowledge allow us to take the best advantages from the milk we collect. By doing so, we are able to develop innovative products that are adapted to our clients’ current and future needs…

As we are an effective partner in terms of innovation, our objective is to offer functional and nutritional ingredients that will boost your products to the best.

Our global presence, our market knowledge and experience in different markets and local specialties are some our best assets when accompanying your projects.

Know-how, Innovation and Proximity contribute to the strength of Ingredia Functional!''