A particular mindset

Innovation has been Ingredia’s mindset since its creation. It forms part of its genes. In 1991, the cooperative consciously elected that Ingredia dedicate itself to dairy ingredients and become the specialist company in milk cracking. In order to carry out this activity, Ingredia equipped itself with state-of-the-art technology: non-denaturing tools for milk cracking and drying and dry blending tools.

By constantly innovating, creating new products and optimising processes we have become what we are: a globally recognised expert benefiting from a growing industry.

At Ingredia, innovation extends beyond the field of production. It is one of our specificities and we are convinced that this approach is essential to our profession.  In addition to implementing permanent monitoring and continuous research insofar as new technologies are concerned, we have developed a new specific marketing approach.  Thanks to our experience of international markets, we are able to offer our clients, whoever they may be, turnkey concepts for the end consumer. Lastly, and always with our clients in mind, we have created dedicated teams and R&D organised by areas of expertise.


Comprehensive resources

In practical terms, we have made every effort within the group to generate a creative spirit:   1 employee in 8 works on innovative products (approx. 40 people), nearly 50 product files are generated each year and many patents are filed. Ingredia also belongs to an active network enabling it to create new ingredients and original solutions.  Being a cluster member, the group also develops partnership-like cooperation within its field with academic and private research, businesses, etc. In particular, Ingredia belongs to a French competitiveness cluster “Nutrition-Health-Longevity’’ in the  Nord/Pas-de-Calais region (France).

With our clients, we are dedicated to generating collaborative innovation within their own clusters ahead of projects.  We support them by enabling them to take advantage of our global vision of markets and our perfect knowledge of production tools. Moreover, internally we have implemented an organisation which favours participative innovation in order to encourage new ideas and feedback from our employees at all levels.

Ingredia is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories for research and also a pilot centre which is especially capable of reproducing our clients’ most advanced processes.


Projecting into the future

The combination of its mindset and technical and human resources forms Ingredia’s unique character.  To uphold our dynamic growth, we continually invest in advanced industrial equipment, scientific research and innovation.  Our success is derived from medium and long-range vision, symbols of which include Lactium®, Osteum®, Prodiet® Advance, Promilk® 600A, etc.