Industrial expertise

An historic approach

Industrial expertise has been part of an historic approach since the company was created in 1949 and its objective has always been a sustainable one. This approach is essential since it allows us to anticipate market needs. It has been the group’s vision since the beginning. At Ingredia, industrial expertise encompasses  that of raw materials, total traceability  and perfect quality control throughout the production chain (ISO 90001, ISO 22000 and IFS certifications). It is also expressed from the point of view of continuous improvement carried out by internal audit teams trained according to ISO, IFS and HACCP benchmarks and by industrial piloting, indicators and preventive and corrective measures. 

From a more global perspective, industrial expertise is to be found at every stage of our profession, from milk collection to output of the final product and right up to delivery to the client.




The ST POL SUR TERNOISE (Pas-de-Calais, France) Production Site, situated in an Industrial Zone, extends over fifteen hectares.

The site has an annual capacity of over 500 million litres of transformed milk and manages 3 large activities :

  • transformation of milk into food ingredients
  • packaging of UHT milk in bottles.
  • the manufacture of NUTRITION - HEALTH ingredients, notably from milk


The WAPAKONETA site (Ohio, USA) is, in particular, a site for dry mixing of ingredients, with a total capacity of around 23,000 tonnes per year. The design process is especially adapted for  specific and complex ingredients.


Industrial sites within our partners : INGREDIA has longstanding strong links with its industrial partners, drawing on the expertise of the latter.

Industrial tools are also made use of by our clients in SWITZERLAND (CREMO, a partner since 1989) and in AUSTRALIA (TATURA). 

In 2014, the CAYUGA (USA) site has started production of milk powders and MPC (Milk Protein Concentrate) or concentrated milk proteins.

All these resources are adapted to present-day markets and allow us to achieve our mission : supporting our clients in their international growth and assisting them to establish their new production units. In effect, since the beginning we have made every effort to prepare for the future and meet tomorrow’s needs.


Group excellence

Thanks to the continuous improvement approach and reinforcing preventive actions, the group’s industrial expertise can be seen as both reactive and proactive, by looking ahead and foreseeing any events which may present themselves. Industrial expertise, quality products and total traceability demonstrate Ingredia’s excellence.