Client proximity

Knowledge of professions and requirements

Ingredia has been a specialist in dairy ingredients for over 20 years and has the advantage of a high level of expertise in different fields.  One of these areas of expertise, recognised by its international clients, is understanding and knowing their constraints and providing solutions. This know-how results from its great knowledge of the professions and manufacturing processes.

In order to meet the requirements of its clients and make appropriate recommendations, Ingredia’s experts carry out tests in real-time situations and produce ingredients in a specific manner, if necessary. Its presence on international markets allows Ingredia’s technical sales teams to offer its clients tailor-made solutions dedicated to products for the export market.  


Tools and committed people

The commitment of Ingredia’s teams to its clients to provide them with tailored products is achieved by using a very effective pilot tool capable of reproducing the clients’ processes.  Products are validated by Application Specialists.

Ingredia’s expertise also relies on using state-of-the-art technological tools. These tools allow very specific operations to be performed: analytical characterisation of complex food matrices, the capacity to analyse recipes, imagine and produce adapted ingredients.

Ingredia could not have achieved this expertise however without the men and women who make up the company: specialised teams per field of expertise who have a dedicated attitude towards the client and are always alert to its requirements. 


Support for all its clients

The expertise that Ingredia has acquired is linked to the different situations which it has come up against throughout the world for over 20 years. This international experience has led to it acquiring and perfecting knowledge of its clients professions, their expectations and their concerns. Ingredia’s teams of technical experts make every effort to optimise processes through permanent innovation. In doing so, and by acting as true partners, the technical experts support Ingredia’s clients throughout the process leading to the finished product by providing them with appropriate solutions. Ingredia’s employees work with its clients by making themselves available and thus working together to find a unique result which perfectly meets their requirements.