Global expert in milk cracking, functionalisation and spray-drying of ingredients

Milk is a living and fragile matter, therefore in order for it to maintain its qualities and so that the functional ingredient expresses its full potential, perfect knowledge and total control of the environmentally-friendly operation of milk cracking is essential.  Ingredia has exceptional technical know-how in the different fractionation operations: biological hydrolysis, filtration procedures, concentration, drying and blending. 

The procedures used by Ingredia are environmentally-friendly and non-denaturing. Therefore, the ingredients produced remain native, without being denatured and retain all the advantages, particularly nutritional, of fresh milk.

Moreover, Ingredia monitors the functionality of the ingredients it offers by controlling the parameters of the process used in its factories.  Thus it offers ingredients which represent real breakthrough innovations.

In particular, Ingredia is a world-renown expert with respect to drying dairy ingredients, enabling it to offer specific quality powders which meet the most demanding specifications.

Lastly, by mastering recombination techniques by co-drying or dry blending, Ingredia is able to offer a whole range of pre-mixed and functional ready-to-use systems by its clients.      

Pioneer in the field of equipment

Ingredia is a pioneer in the field of technological equipment. In 1973, the group obtained an ultrafiltration unit which is the first of its kind in Europe. Since then, we have developed widely acknowledge know-how which is appreciated in fractionation technology. In order to maintain our headstart, significant resources, both financial and human, have been implemented : regular investments, managed internally, an R&D team specialised in the laboratory-production transfer, a team for industrial development and an effective on-site team.

Our industrial partners, developed with different French and overseas players in the industry, also contribute to strengthening our expertise by creating synergy.


An extensive future programme

To remain at the forefront of our trade which is milk cracking, we have launched an intensive research programme that is likely to produce breakthrough innovations. This programme is managed and supported by large-scale industrial investment: 28 million Euros have already been invested in the Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise factory since 2012. A second wave of investments is currently being studied. The purpose of the operation is to deploy our industrial tool : construction of new milk  drying tower and adaptation of capabilities throughout all the manufacturing cycles. From a more global perspective, our ambition is to prepare for the future by increasing the volumes of milk processed (from 500 to 700 million litres)in order to meet dairy quotas, grow our international presence and maintain our leadership in the dairy industry. 

To achieve this, we are drawing on our expertise, technological know-how and capacity for innovation.


This programme has received the support of:

  • FISIAA (Agrifood Industries Strategic Intervention Fund), awarded by the French Ministry for Agriculture.
  • France Agrimer (national institute for agricultural and marine products), awarded by the French Ministry for Industry. 
  • ARI (French assistance scheme for reindustrialisation).
  • FEDER (European Fund for Regional Development), awarded by the Nord/Pas-de-Calais Regional Council.