• 1949: The birth of Prospérité fermière
    On 12 February 1949, 31 milk producers in the Pas-de-Calais met at the head office of the Fédération Agricole and founded a cooperative with a view to manufacturing and storing butter. On 1 May 1949 the collection of cream started.

  • 1951: First pasteurised butter producing factory opened in  Arras (France)
    Created in 1950, the pasteurised butter producing factory began operating on 1 April 1951. 6,000 litres of milk and 2.5 tons of pasteurised butter were processed per day.

  • 1962: Milk collection started 
    Over the course of a decade, the number of cooperatives increased tenfold; there is a significant volume to be collected. The Prospérité Fermière takes on a new direction, becoming a leading milk processor. 

  • 1965: Start-up of factory at Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise (Pas-de-Calais region in France)
    This factory, which currently remains the main production site for Ingredia, was then able to  produce annually 6,000 tonnes of powdered skimmed milk and 2,900 tonnes of powdered milk with 40 pc of fat content.

  • 1967: Marketing of fresh dairy products
    La Prospérité Fermière creates a dynamic sales department in order to market its complete range of dairy products. Distribution centres ensure daily delivery at 4,000 sales outlets. 150 refrigerated vehicles transport over one million units of fresh dairy products daily.

  • 1973: First ultrafiltration unit in Europe
    La Prospérité Fermière undergoes technological changes. The collection of cream is stopped. On the strength of its experience and seeing the potential in marketing milk components to the agri-food industry, the cooperative invests in an industrial ultrafiltration unit at its Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise factory. This is the first unit of its kind in Europe.

  • 1975: Creation of the Prospérité Industries division
    The cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière steps up its technological shift by creating the Prospérité Industries division to develop and market a new generation of products - dairy ingredients - aimed at the requirements of the agri-food industry.
    Considerable resources are made available for Prospérité Industries : top-quality analytical laboratories and a pilot laboratory, thus providing an effective replica of the  Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise factory. Prospérité Industries develops its expertise, particularly in the area of fractionation technology.

  • 1988: Partnerships with Candia/Sodiaal and Cremo
    This date marks the start of partnerships with the cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière. The objective of the agreement with these two dairy cooperatives is to meet the new requirements of clients in the area of consumption with, on the one hand, (Candia/Sodiaal) and, on the other hand strengthen the group’s position in Europe with the major food industries (Cremo in Switzerland).

  • 1991: Creation of Ingredia
    The cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière consolidates its development in dairy ingredients by creating its subsidiary, Ingredia S.A. 40 million Francs (approx. 6 million Euros) are invested in the construction of a laboratory and administration buildings.

  • 1992: Quality Assurance certification of la Prospérité fermière by AFAQ (French association for quality assurance).

  • 1998: Partnerships with LACT'UNION (ex SFPL/VPM) 
    A new partnership is created with the dairy group Picard (France) LACT'UNION. Its purpose is to implement commercial and industrial synergies and maximise production profits for each party.

  • 2004: Partnerships with Tatura Milk Industries
    By developing a partnership with an Australian dairy cooperative, the cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière wished to strengthen its position in Asia. 

  • 2007 :  Creation of the business unit Ingredia Nutritional
    Ingredia Nutritional aims to offer dairy ingredients and turnkey solutions for scientifically validated health benefits. Alongside Ingredia Nutritional, the cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière aims to develop its activities on the nutrition and health markets.

  • 2008-2009 Creation of international subsidiaries: Ingredia Inc (USA) and Ingredia Pte.Ltd. (SINGAPORE)
    The cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière’s purpose in creating these subsidiaries is to grow its presence on international markets:
    - Ingredia Inc produces and markets blends for the North American market so as to strengthen strategic establishments on this continent.
    - Ingredia Pte. Ltd. aims to position Ingredia on the Asian markets currently expanding at a remarkable rate.

  • 2012 : Creation of two new business units, Ingredia Essential and Ingredia Functional 
    Ingredia Essential’s objective is to promote the milk of La Prospérité Fermière closest to its source. As regards Ingredia Functional, it is to develop high-tech products and innovative functional systems. The implementation of three centres of expertise which are Ingredia Nutritional, Ingredia Essential and Ingredia Functional allows the cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière to better serve its clients throughout the world by offering them tailor-made solutions in the field of milk.

  Partnerships with Cayuga Milk Ingredients LLC (USA)
  The partnership with Cayuga Milk Ingredients  LLC, an American group of milk producers, is intended to increase the volume of milk collected with production
  based in the state of New York. In addition, this partnership helps strengthen group positions locally. Cayuga Milk Ingredients production activities have started in