La Prospérité Fermière

Ingredia is a limited company, created in 1991 by the cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière. Ingredia’s principal mission is to effectively promote the entire milk production from its members, essentially through its fractionation.

The cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière was founded in 1949 in order to regroup assist and support milk producers. Over the years it has become an important processing business for this raw material. Ingredia emerged from a strategic group reorientation


Current organisation of the cooperative group

Rooted in the Nord / Pas-de-Calais region in France, the cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière has 1,024 members (> Map) i.e., around 1,800 associates. Over 400 million litres of milk are collected every year, produced by all the cattle herds of the cooperative members. To carry out its collecting activity, the group generates 3,500 direct and indirect jobs.

The Prospérité Fermière group also has 459 employees in France and abroad.


The cooperative’s functioning and lifestyle

The Prospérité Fermière cooperative group is organised in sections, with members being elected by the Board of Directors.

This board meets each month and is responsible for managing the cooperative and ensuring its smooth operation. This organisation creates a real tool for exchanging views which contributes to enhancing skills and ensuring that the professionalism of the cooperative group of La Prospérité Fermière is maintained: on the one hand the group’s management informs members of the company’s strategy and mid-term projects to be achieved, and on the other hand any member of the cooperative may express its opinions regarding the group’s orientations, contribute its ideas and their interest for the company, itself or its peers.


The Prospérité Fermière also has committees to monitor and support producers in order to assist them in the field on a daily basis. The committees are made up of administrators, voluntary members and employees.