Sustainable Development CSR

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Genetic inheritance

Milk is a living raw material from the earth. Given the origins of this element, sustainable development is a natural value for Ingredia, emerging as it does from a dairy cooperative. To go one further: it makes up its DNA. This inheritance means that the group’s raison d'être and financial model is sustainable development. This is what constitutes Ingredia’s originality and unique character.


Sustainable economic strategy

Through its status as a cooperative, its local collection, reasoned energy choice and collective consideration on economic performance, Ingredia has developed an effective and long-term economic strategy. In accordance with this strategy, we assume our social responsibility at a local level by creating jobs, both directly and indirectly, in the agricultural labour pool.  Well established in our territory, the Nord/Pas-de-Calais region, and in close collaboration with the local authorities, we also pursue various activities in this sense: waste management via a work integration social enterprise, assignments allocated to Vocational Support Centres, donations to associations, etc. Within the company, this social responsibility is seen in the respect we have for our social partners, personnel training as well as its safety (budget increase (68k€), advanced training leading to 57% of sick leave being reduced), social diversity in recruiting, inclusion of interns in the work force.


Respecting the environment

Our business is classified for the protection of the environment and our industry is highly energy and water intensive. This is why INGREDIA has long since acted on environmental issues.

Currently, 65% of our steam consumption is produced from biomass.

New investments necessary to growth and the continuation of our business activities are chosen according to the best technologies available to limit our impacts. We have also worked on optimising collection circuits. Thus 5,000 tonnes of CO2 are saved each year.

Water management is the other capital issue.  Our teams, thanks to sensors placed 

on each of our buildings, monitor the consumption and quality of our waste. They are compared to our production standards and any deviation is subject to corrective action.

Each year, our investments contribute to improve our performance in this matter.


Objective: sustainability

We have an obligation to sustainability: producers, employees, clients... all are united around a single project in this common objective. This responsibility is vital to obtain sustainable development, which is a key element in our group. This is why we have always been fully committed to a durable economic strategy, combining social responsibility and respect for the environment. We consider that sustainable development is not a passing fad: it forms an integral part of our identity.

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