Relations with producers

 Shared values and support

Emanating from the cooperative sector, value sharing contributes to the group’s identity. These values are naturally passed on by employees to Ingredia’s clients. Based on this model, and in return, it is important for the group to ensure that its producers are supported, especially by providing information and by helping to support farming by implementing monitoring and support committees. 


On-site help and monitoring

Committees, composed of administrators, voluntary members and employees allow for the development of strong support regarding important issues : new milk evaluations, European policy and milk quotas, economic management of farms, communication, optimisation of milk prices, etc.

Moreover, members of the cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière benefit from on-site, ongoing interaction, technical and crop input advice.  


Respect for animals and their well-being

Respect for animals is one of the concerns of the cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière and producers. Thus, the great majority of the latter have signed the Good Farming Practices Charter which assists them in improving their practices. This charter emphasises not only sanitary conditions and feeding, but also the animals’ well-being.  It contributes to optimising farms in a qualitative manner, thereby enabling milk quality to be guaranteed.


A key success factor

These strong links established with the members of the cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière are a key success factor in ensuring the group’s long-term future. We share converging interests with them, as well as with all employees, partners and Ingredia clients. Producers/members, employees, partners and clients progress together towards the same objective for a unique result : satisfy Ingredia’s clients to ensure the group’s long-term future.