Dairy-based bioactives ingredients

The best of milk for natural and innovative health ingredients

Ingredia’s dairy-based bioactive ingredients are used in numerous applications such as dietary supplements or functional foods and beverages. They are sought after for their recognized positive effects on health and well-being.


Lactium® To manage stress better

A unique bioactive ingredient

Lactium® is a milk protein hydrolysate which contains a unique bioactive decapeptide. This decapeptide, also called α-casozepine, is believed to be naturally released in babies who just consumed milk.

A proven effect on stress

Lactium® is renown for its soothing and relaxing properties. It significantly reduces stress-related symptoms, both from chronic and acute stress. Lactium®’s efficacy was proven through 8 clinical studies in a total of over 450 healthy volunteers.

Lactium® is an all-natural ingredient and does not induce any side effects. It can be used by adults and children alike with the right dosage.

Lactium® has been used worldwide for over 15 years. It is specifically recommended for people susceptible to stress (pressure at work, exams, tobacco withdrawal, dieting, sleep disorders, etc.).

Learn all about Lactium: www.lactium.fr


Proferrin® To strengthen immune and digestive health

Proferrin®, a pure and native lactoferrin

Lactoferrin is a naturally occurring protein in milk and that has iron-binding capabilities. Thanks to Ingredia’s know-how and expertise, Proferrin® is non-denatured, retaining lactoferrin’s native structure in its greatest purity.

Strengthen health

Numerous scientific studies have highlighted lactoferrin’s effects on innate and adaptive immune responses through the stimulation of immune cells. In vitro studies have also shown that Proferrin® boosts the growth and differentiation of intestinal cells; thereby strengthening the immune system and digestive health.

Proferrin® is suitable for people with iron-deficiencies, prone to intestinal disorders or wanting to boost their immune defenses.

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Prodiet® Colostrum To strengthen the immune system

Carefully selected colostrum

Prodiet® Colostrum is carefully selected and comes from the first few milkings of our farmers’ cows after calving.

Colostrum is the “pre-milk” produced by mammals in the first hours after giving birth. It is naturally rich in nutrients, growth factors and antibodies. It protects the baby animal against infection in the first days of its life.

Protected biological activity

Thanks to a specific process, Ingredia is able to retain Prodiet® Colostrum’s bioactive composition in immunoglobulins (IgG) and PRP (Platelet-rich plasma). Their biological activity in immune responses is well-known and guaranteed.

Prodiet® Colostrum is an essential ingredient to strengthen the immune system of the whole family, from children to adults and seniors.


Osteum™ CPP To improve bone health

A bioactive ingredient naturally produced through milk digestion

Osteum™ CPP is a milk protein hydrolysate naturally rich in casein phosphopeptides (CPP). CPP are phosphorylated peptides which able to bind calcium and to preserve its bioavailability throughout the digestion process. They are naturally produced when caseins are hydrolyzed after milk consumption. Osteum™ CPP is a bioactive ingredient derived from our native micellar caseins.

Enhanced calcium absorption

Clinical and in-vitro studies have shown that CPP were able to promote calcium absorption in bone cells. Osteum™ CPP thus contributes to increasing bone mass and reducing signs of bone deterioration.

These benefits make Osteum™ CPP a great fit for growing children, women around the time of menopause and the elderly.

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