Supply Chain

From the cow’s udders to the final client

The cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière have been collecting its milk and colostrum, living and fragile raw materials, since 1949. From local sourcing to international deliveries, Ingredia guarantees perfect control of the whole chain, right up to the end client.

Leading up to this control, farming conditions via a respect for the charter of good practices by producers are of prime importance. Subsequently, the daily milk collection relies on an efficient, dedicated and optimised organisation thanks to the implementation of regular checks throughout the zone. This is supplemented by  dialogue with local milk processing industries in order to optimise the flow. As for the fleet, this is adapted according to the collection route.

Fresh milk, issued from the determined collection zone, is processed every day during the year without exception, with particular attention paid to maintaining quality  

Ingredia thus guarantees true milk monitoring and total traceability.


The same delivery efficiency throughout

Downstream, Ingredia delivers its products to clients throughout the world. To ensure rapid delivery across the globe, Ingredia has storage areas situated in the five continents. Ingredia distributes in 150 countries, guaranteeing continuous and identical services whatever the client’ location.  Ingredia controls downstream transport. Additionally, its know-how of international flows means that it is able to handle customs clearance as quickly as possible.

Ingredia has obtained in February 2016 the Community customs certification AUTHORISED ECONOMIC OPERATOR (AEO) - Security / Safety delivered by the French Customs Authorities. It will provide the essential securing of the international logistics chain which impacts on customs operations.

Ingredia ensures the same efficiency and quality of service throughout the chain, as soon as possible. Thanks to its international knowledge, Ingredia is in a position to support clients in their expansion in different countries.