Our milk

From the beginning: milk

Perceived as natural and authentic, milk has always been a symbol of purity, at the origin of life. It is the newborn child’s first food and is essential for growth. With high nutritive value it is, in particular, the source of proteins and minerals such as calcium and vitamins. Very high quality products emanate from this raw, rich, noble, pure and living material, thanks to the application of our expertise. 


Traditional farming and respect for the land

To produce their milk, the La Prospérité Fermière producers use traditional know-how coupled with a respect for nature and animals. Reared in family-sized farms, the cows do not experience the inhumanity of industrial livestock farming. They live in decent conditions which are compatible with animal welfare. Their natural feedstuff is derived mainly from the farm. Our members, respectful of the land, use farming and production methods which make Ingredia a unique dairy group.


Controlled milk quality

The superior milk quality of the members of the cooperative group La Prospérité Fermière, as well as its total traceability, is guaranteed by controlling the collection area.  The large majority of the milk collected is produced in compliance with the national charter of good farming methods. The cooperative group is very proud of this: the majority of producers have effectively chosen to adhere to the charter in order to truly guarantee the quality of their milk. Furthermore, regular checks are carried out throughout the collection area. Their purpose is to give producers a broad range of advice on health matters and provide them with qualitative crop inputs. This monitoring of milk quality is the basis of the group’s strength, ideally found at the core of its dairy production.

The “nuggets” to be found in milk

Thanks to its know-how in fractionation, Ingredia is able to separate from this living and fragile raw material, milk components of a very high quality whilst keeping all the original and nutritional advantages of milk.  By developing these upmarket dairy ingredients, Ingredia promotes the entire milk production from the cooperative’s members, whilst maintaining the full gamut of benefits. 


The Advantages of colostrum

Colostrum is the first milk produced by the cow after calving and contains a very high concentration of essential immunoglobulins (this naturally protects the calf against infections). However, colostrum is a fragile and precious product and its properties can very quickly deteriorate. With its qualitative know-how in milk collection, Ingredia has developed its own colostrum collection enabling the qualities of the original colostrum to be preserved.