Key figures

91% of turnover in ingredients

Each year, approximately 500 million litres of milk are transformed in the Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise factory, set out over fifteen hectares  and equipped with an ultra modern industrial ultrafiltration unit. Raw materials come from the 1,036 farms spread throughout the Nord-Pas de Calais region.  91% of the Prospérité Fermière / Ingredia group’s turnover comes from dairy ingredients which have arisen out of innovative and dynamic research and state-of-the-art industrial processes.  The remaining 9% is sold in the form of drinking milk and dairy ingredients.


459 employees... and still growing

459 employees support the development of Ingredia in France and abroad (USA, Singapore). The number of employees has regularly increased by 2.8% per year between 2010 and 2015

Moreover, the group is committed to corporate social responsibility and, to this end, undertakes not to carry out any discrimination in its recruitment policy. The lack of discrimination contributes to the group’s strength and dynamism. 


 60% of TO in exports... and constantly growing

Focused on international expansion, the Prospérité Fermière / Ingredia group globally promotes its milk-based products, which are essentially developed in France. Currently,  60% of turnover is achieved through exports. This international activity is constantly growing.


 Equity worth 114 million: over 50% of the total balance sheet

A turnover (394 million Euros in 2015) and a substantial equity (114 million Euros in 2015) present opportunities for future development and investment for the Prospérité fermière / Ingredia group.