To produce their milk, Prospérité Fermière dairy farmers rely on a traditional know-how associated with a genuine respect for nature and animals. Raised in family-sized operations, the cows’ living conditions are ideal for animal welfare. Their all-natural diet is mostly coming from the farm itself. Respecting local heritage, the breeding and production methods used by our members makes Prospérité Fermière Ingredia a unique dairy group.

Cows live on family farms where their natural rhythm and well-being are respected. The majority of their diet, natural, comes directly from the land itself.


The cooperative project, named Cap 2015

This project includes the values that shape the cooperative’s identity and lead its actions, its purpose as well as its goals for 2025.

From a sector-specific cooperative, this project outlines a new paradigm which positions the cooperative at the interface between the members and the three dimensions that shape the farmer’s profession:

  • The dairy sector and regional operations:
    Collaborating to be competitive together, uniting people and sustainably creating added value in our professions with employees and partners, both locally and internationally.
  • The network of producers and related dairy community:
    Ingredia stimulates its members’ professionalism and continuously promotes a spirit of responsibility and solidarity.
  • The cooperative’s territory and the company as a whole:
    The cooperative group Prospérité Fermière – Ingredia strive for dairy farming and agriculture from the “Hauts de France” region, to offer direction and solutions for the company, in a trust-based relationship.

The dairy cooperative brings together over 1 000 members from 800 dairy farms in an 80km radius around the St. Pol sur Ternoise manufacturing plant, its industrial facility.

Beyond being a group of milk products, Prospérité Fermière also generates about about 3,500 direct and indirect jobs. Men and women are at the heart of our cooperative. We support our members through our actions, including young farmers through the Cap’Jeunes Initiative or partnering with the Arcade Association to support struggling farmers. Another core belief of our cooperative is sustainable development. We launched via Lacta, our own animal welfare and sustainability program in 2017.

Cooperative PF was cread in 1949 in Arras, and at the time, gathered 31 local milk products.  Originally, the goal was to increase the value of cream at Arras’ butter factory.  In 1967, the brand Prosperité included several kinds of fresh dairy products:  cream, milk, and also yogurt – which had become quite popular in the area.  In 1979, the cooperative made a major strategic shift by developing cutting-edge technology dairy ingredients using a process new to Europe, ultrafiltration.  In 2015, the brand “Prosperite” rose from its ashes, brand imagery was upgrade, and now is available to consumers through UHT milk.


Operations and organization of the cooperative

Prospérité Fermière is organized in section meetings, with members elected to be part of the Boards of Directors.

This structure creates a genuine tool for discussion and exchange that contributes to perfecting the skills and ensuring the professionalism of Prospérité Fermière: the group’s directors inform members about the corporate strategy, the medium-term projects, etc.; Then any member of the cooperative can express his/her views on the group’s orientations, share ideas and interests for the company, him/her-self or his/her peers. Through monitoring committees, consisting of directors, voluntary members and employees, Prospérité Fermière supports dairy farmers to assist them on a daily basis in the field.

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