Dairy powders

100% French-origin milk powders

Building upon its long-standing expertise in the field of milk powders, Ingredia offers a broad and diversified range of milk powders coming from its own milk collection, guaranteed 100% French-origin.


The milk is dried at St Pol-sur-Ternoise industrial site thanks to gentle processes with low spray-drying temperatures, thus preserving milk’s native attributes.

Ingredia’s milk powders are available in many formats in an effort to always provide the best solution to specific needs: various moisture contents, instant, vitamin-enriched, etc.

Whole, skim milk or cream powders are suitable for all kinds of applications (confectionery, chocolate manufacturing, yogurts, nutrition, dairy beverages, breads, pastries and cakes, etc.)

To protect regional and national farming communities, Ingredia’s milk powders come from milk collected in the “Hauts de France” region from farmer members of its cooperative Prospérité Fermière.

From specialty and organic to Via Lacta®’s milk

The sustainable development initiative Via Lacta® supports our cooperative’s farmers and the group employees to strive for ever-higher quality standards and ingredients manufacturing excellence.

Via Lacta®’s dairy powders are therefore manufactured from an environmentally responsible milk stemming from 3 key principles of sustainable development:

  • Rewarding the work of the cooperative’s farmers, thanks to a guaranteed minimum income and a production premium.
  • Animal welfare: cows are spending at least 170 days a year grazing and each benefit from at least 1,500m² (≈ 0.37 acres) of grazing area. They are raised on straw in the barn during the winter.
  • Milk quality, thanks to a diet guaranteed without GMO and mainly consisting of grass, for a direct impact on the taste and nutritional quality of milk.

Whole milk powders and skim milk powders are also available in both organic (Ecocert-certified) and conventional versions.

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Homemade cream buns with chocolate
Our functional dairy ingredients

PROCHOC is a range of milk powders designed for chocolate manufacturing, facilitating the chocolate flow during the process thanks to high levels of free fat, thus bringing optimal rheological and sensory attributes to chocolate.

PROCREAM is a set of versatile dairy ingredients designed to be used in multiple food applications and intended for the full or partial replacement of milk powders, the adjustment of the protein content in the finished product or the formulation of recipes according to industrial constraints.

Having issues with a recipe? Ingredia’s technical teams can suggest the best suited milk powder, PROCREAM or PROCHOC ingredient.


Connected dairy powders, a world first!

Convinced that the future is focused on total transparency, from farms to finished products, Ingredia goes further in its CSR approach by ensuring full traceability and real-time auditing of its milk powders, using the blockchain system.

In order to meet market expectations for more responsible and better quality consumption, Ingredia offers a range of ingredients 100% Hauts-de-France origin, from cows fed without GMOs which have grazed at least 170 days on a minimum grazing area guarantee of 1500m² per cow.

Thanks to blockchain technology, the milk collection is traced and its specifications audited in real time.

Thus, consumers and industrials have access to all the information on the ingredients that go into the recipe of their finished products with the help of dynamic QR codes printed directly on the packaging.

For more information on eco-responsible connected milk powders, contact us.