Functional & nutritional proteins

Rooted in the world of dairy, Ingredia was able to successfully promote a whole range of functional and nutritional milk proteins. These unique proteins demonstrate their full potential in food (PROMILK ®) and nutrition (PRODIET®).

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Micellar Casein

Micellar caseins are milk proteins naturally rich in casein and micellar calcium. They are particularly relevant for nutrition markets and cheese manufacturing.

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Total Milk Proteins

Total milk proteins are highly versatile proteins thanks to a balanced nutritional profile and outstanding functional properties.

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Native Whey Proteins

Native whey proteins are directly derived from milk through a mechanical action. Under their native format, these soluble proteins are highly functional, and their nutritional profile remains untouched.

Milk protein hydrolysates

Protein hydrolysates benefit from an optimal protein composition, whether they come from caseins or whey. Their nutritional properties make them particularly attractive for clinical, infant* and sports nutrition.

*wet mix process.

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Innovative proteins

Process adaptation, protein profile optimization, and high protein content are just some of the innovation subjects that Ingredia explored to address its customers’ needs.

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