Liquid milk

The “Prospérité”-branded UHT milk follows the specifications developed for milk from grass-fed cows, which means it is 100% French-origin (from the “Hauts de France” region), coming from cows fed a GMO-free diet consisting mainly of grass AND ensuring a guaranteed income to the farmers of the cooperative.

An eco-friendly milk!

Our breeding model relies on cows’ well-being, ensuring that each cow benefits from a minimum of 170 grazing days a year with at least 1,500m² (≈ 0.37 acres) of grazing area per animal; in an effort to respect their environment and natural rhythm.

Prospérité milk is available in whole milk, skimmed milk or fat free milk / susbtainable bottle PEHD 1L and 50cL.

In full transparency: Prospérité enables you to trace your milk with a QR code on the label to see commitments’ respect of  Prospérité’s brand.

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The guarantee of French excellence

The Prospérité brand is sold both locally in the Hauts de France region and all over the world; it comes with the guarantee of French excellence through raw materials’ quality and traceability, from the cow’s udder to the end consumer.

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A committed milk

Ingredia gives back to the community with charitable milk donations of PROSPERITE-branded milk to local and human care associations; in 2023, we donated over 200,000 bottles.

From UHT milk to the customer’s own brand

Ingredia also bottles its milk under the customer’s own brand, both in 1L and 1/2L bottles and with the option to directly ship the products to targeted countries.

Products available are whole milk, semi-skimmed and skimmed.

Ingredia provides marketing support for the development of labels from a well-defined communication strategy; recyclable packaging is produced on-site at the group’s facility in St-Pol-sur-Ternoise.

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