Published on 09 February 2021

Boost your creaminess with our new range of milk proteins PROMILK®!

famille creamy booster proteine fonctionnelle texture cremeux fluidite onctuosite riche en proteines pauvre en matière grasse

PROMILK® CREAMY BOOSTER is a milk protein range for indulgent and healthy products:

  • High in protein, low fat and clean label,
  • Creamy, smooth texture, great mouthfeel and fresh milky taste

Let’s innovate to meet consumers’ expectations!

Ingredia is by your side with PROMILK® CREAMY BOOSTER and our technical teams to answer healthy product development challenges.

Because each milk product has features, the 4 milk proteins of our PROMILK® CREAMY BOOSTER range have been specifically developed for application:

  • Promys’chiz brings soft and creamy texture for all low fat traditional cheese,
  • PROMILK® Yogchiz  is for healthy fresh cheese, for firm and creamy texture,
  • PROMILK® 600A is dedicated to spoonable milk products, for a nice shiny and creamy texture,
  • PROMILK® Yogfluid  is used for drinking yogurt, offering fluid texture, while maintaining a good dairy taste.

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