Published on 11 August 2023

Vitafoods Asia

Vitafoods asia for self care all year long with natural bioactive ingredients and outstanding milk proteins

We will be present at Vitafoods which takes place in Bangkok, September 20-22!

Save the date and come to meet our teams to discover our healthy and nutritional concepts on our booth #I35!



Stress is part of our modern life: 90% of the global population regards itself as being stressed, and 95% of the global population recognizes that stress and anxiety have an impact on health. It is well known how stress can impact mental health with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but also very clear how it negatively impacts sleep.


Sleep-deprivation is more common than one thinks: 62% of adults around the world say they don’t sleep as well as they’d like*.


 Lactium®: a natural ingredient to help manage stress and sleep disorders

Lactium® is a go-to solution for natural products lovers!

With no addiction or side effects, this natural milk protein hydrolysate contains a bioactive peptide with relaxing properties called alpha-casozepine. Lactium® acts as an anxiolytic with an affinity for the GABAA receptor, more specifically for its benzodiazepine site.

9 clinical trials on more than 500 volunteers have already demonstrated Lactium® efficacy on stress issues and sleep disturbances, with a recognition by the scientific community through several published articles.

In 2021, a consumer satisfaction study on 338 volunteers also showed an overall 78% satisfaction, quite evenly split in 78% for action on moderate stress and 77% for action on sleep disturbances.


Read our press release on Lactium


* Philips Global Sleep Survey, 2019




Another concept to discover : Build Up, a tea flavored high-protein beverage « ready-to-drink » with 20g of protein PRODIET® Fluid in a can of 250ml. This protein is a micellar casein enabling to have a high fluidity. Thanks to the slow amino acids release, « Build Up » is ideal for an optimal recovery after the effort.


PRODIET® Fluid is added to enrich the protein content. This ingredient provides an excellent fluidity and ensures the stability overtime. Thanks to its complete amino acids (AA) profile and slow AA release, « Build Up » is ideal to supplement your nutritional needs in your daily life for an optimal muscle synthesis and recovery after work.


Our range of proteins with a high-nutritional profile are adapted to the development of products for this specialized market.

It is composed of micellar caseins slowly digested and thus ideal for the recovery and native whey quickly digested to give energy immediately before the sport challenge.

Because of their daily physical efforts, this population category needs an adapted diet and particularly an important protein intake.


Read our presse release on Prodiet


sportif consomme boisson fluide hyper protéinée


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