Published on 19 June 2021

Webcast: how can micellar casein help in sport performance and recovery?

webinaire evenement nutrition sportive caséine micellaire sport performance récupération musculaire

Performance improvement is associated with muscular development. A good training and an adequate nutrition are essential. It must provide sufficient amount of protein ; micellar caseins truly represent a high-quality ally.

Faced with these challenges, Ingredia offers solutions to meet targeted nutritional needs and technical support during your product development with our range of nutritional milk proteins PRODIET®.

During this webinar, we discuss about:

  • Market data on sport nutrition: a promising market
  • Protein, a key ingredient for sport nutrition
  • Ingredia’s solution for ready-to-drink in sport nutrition
  • Our data on amino acid release for better recovery.

Watch the webcast here!

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