Key performance indicators

Key performance indicators

Reciprocal commitment

Respect the environment

Promote local suppliers and SMEs

suppliers within the responsible purchasing approach
millions euros in responsible purchasing
29.22 %
of local regional suppliers in the responsible purchasing portfolio
61.69 %
of SMEs in the responsible purchasing portfolio
72.88 %
of suppliers who signed the ethical charter
42.08 days
average payment term
85.01 %
of invoices paid on time (over 2500 invoices paid in 2023)
9.5 /10
average supplier relationship score given by suppliers to Ingredia
63,10 days
local regional suppliers average payment term
61 days
SMEs average payment term

Figures in risk management

The purchasing department is a central economic function within the cooperative group. Responsible and effective management of the purchasing risks is therefore essential.

A committee is working every month with the mediator. Dealing with and mitigating risks through a CSR approach are the targets of this committee. The indicators risks are assessed every month by the committee members. These indicators ensure intelligent and precise risk management!

Number of alerts received by the mediator - 2022
100 %
% of employees trained in cyberattack
Number of buyers in the company trained in responsible purchasing approach
100 %
% of strategic suppliers assessed annually
60 %
% of renewable energy in the total energy purchased
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