Our actions
  • SECU

    A strengthened co-op governance

    Towards always more balance between young and experienced, men and women, all deeply involved in the life of the cooperative

  • jeune


    Young farmers establishing new dairy production operations is one of the key aspects of the cooperative’s project, a driving force in maintaining a high dairy production density within our region and to secure milk supply to the shared industrial tool in the long term.

  • DEV OK

    Safety: I implement it and I get involved

    The “CAP Sécurité” (Behavior Change and Performance) initiative launched in 2014, gained new momentum in 2016 to ensure people and products’ safety.

  • restaurants-du-coeur

    Charitable milk donations to the “Restos du Coeur”

    INGREDIA and Prospérité Fermière are always becoming more involved in the support of non-profit initiatives (in 2016: 281,000 liters)


    Business Code of Ethics

    Members of the cooperative and Employees, Customers and Suppliers, all active participants in sustainably sharing our values!