webinaire evenement nutrition sportive caséine micellaire sport performance récupération musculaire

Webinar: how can micellar casein help in sport performance and recovery?

Performance improvement is associated with muscular development. A good training and an adequate nutrition are essential. It must provide sufficient amount of protein ; micellar caseins truly represent a high-quality ally. Faced with these challenges, Ingredia offers solutions to meet targeted nutritional needs and technical support during your product development with our range of nutritional milk proteins PRODIET®. During this webinar, we will discuss about:
  • Market data on sport nutrition: a promising market
  • Protein, a key ingredient for sport nutrition
  • Ingredia’s solution for ready-to-drink in sport nutrition
Our data on amino acid release for better recovery. Register here!

bio carburant huile colza vegetal energie verte rse environnement ecoresponsable empreinte carbone co2

Prospérité Fermière Ingredia geared towards vegetable energy!


The collection service is now 100% sustainable thanks to 100% vegetable and 100% French energy.

In 2021 our group is swiftly taking this further step in its innovative CSR approach by focussing on the transport used for its milk collections thanks to the B100 biofuel solution. "Made In France", this energy is obtained by extracting rapeseed oil harvested. Such a CSR approach, which runs deep within the DNA of the cooperative, meets the expectations of customers as well as the sensitivities of the end consumer, through a common commitment. B100 represents a chance of reducing the carbon impact of milk collection and this renewable energy has the advantage of being 100% local.   Read our Press release here

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