News 07/27/2022

Our annual report 2021 is available!


At Prosperite Ingredia, we put tradition and innovation at the service of dairy innovation.

  Every day, our committed cooperative team boldly and skilfully transforms the nobility of Hauts-de-France milk into state-of-the-art dairy ingredients. By your side, we are embarking on the dairy adventure of the 21st century  

Read below our integrated annual report 2021.

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News 06/28/2022

Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing label


To commit

On May 19, 2022, Ingredia made a commitment to balanced supplier relations and responsible purchasing by signing the MDE and CNA Supplier Relations and Responsible Purchasing Charter.  

To explore

Ingredia and all the stakeholders, are committed to the process of obtaining the Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing label, backed by the ISO 20400 standard.  

To progress

Through this commitment we are inscribing our desire to anchor within our CSR policy the challenges of responsible purchasing and to establish sustainable relationships with our supplier partners. The supplier relationship is at the heart of our group's concerns and plays a crucial role in its continuous improvement and evolution.  

Access to the charter here!

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