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Pep2Dia® is a new unique dairy bioactive produced from our fresh, premium French milk. Ingredia’s cutting-edge technology enables to preserve the native structure of Pep2Dia®.

Pep2Dia® is a patented milk protein hydrolysate with a bioactive dipeptide AP, developed to help manage blood sugar levels after meal.

Discover its origin, its action and its health benefits! Attend our free webinar to find out more about Pep2Dia® Wednesday May 20.

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FDA claims’ authorization for Lactium claims bioactive reduce stress

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledged 7 claims for Lactium®!

In April, US FDA acknowledged 7 claims for Lactium®. The dietary supplements manufacturers featuring Lactium® in their products for adults will be able to communicate on the benefits of this unique bioactive: “helps reduce stress related symptoms”, “helps reduce and maintain normal cortisol levels during acute stress events”, “helps reduce stress related symptoms as a result of digestive troubles among stressed women”, “helps improve the quality of sleep”, “helps reduce stress so you can fall asleep faster”, “helps you sleep longer due to stress reduction”, “helps promote a healthy calming sleep due to stress reduction. It is obviously a great recognition of the efficacy of Lactium® on stress and how it can really help people who have issues coping with stress.

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