Pep2Dia for type 2 diabete

Ingredia launches Pep2dia®, its innovative bioactive to delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Pep2Dia® is the result of extensive research and collaboration between Ingredia’s scientists and LIENSs-CNRS La Rochelle University in France. Pep2Dia® has proven efficacy on glycaemia after meals. Pre-clinical and clinical studies support Pep2Dia®’s action to reduce postprandial glycaemia with a significative effect versus the placebo. More


Our grass fed cows milk is certified!

In 2017, we launched our special milk collection: milk from grass fed cows VIA LACTA in which the main principles are: Non GMO fed cows, 170 days per year spent on pasture, 1500 m² of pasture per cow. En 2019, farmers committed in the process obtain the official certification of the AVICERT organization. Our UHT milk with VIA LACTA label is recognized as the first ecoresponsible milk of France. This initiative is in line with our CSR policy VIA LACTA which advocates a milk production ever more sustainable, innovative and respectful of humans, animals and environment.

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