Native whey proteins

Derived from membrane separation, Ingredia’s soluble proteins are native whey proteins. They, therefore, remain in the same conformation as the one they have in fresh milk and are highly functional, unlike whey proteins coming from caseinates or cheese manufacturing.
Their nutritional properties remain untouched and make them suitable for the formulation of very specific health products.

In food applications, they are known for being functionality boosters. In very small quantities, native whey proteins provide very attractive functionalities: foaming, emulsifying and gelling properties.
Rich in branched chained amino acids and leucine, native whey proteins promote muscle mass synthesis. Unlike micellar caseins, these proteins have a very fast digestion profile. Commonly used in the health sector, they can be found in sport, diet, infant* and clinical nutrition.

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PROMILK® proteins to boost texture

PROMILK® native whey proteins are soluble proteins in their original form. This distinctive feature makes our proteins highly functional. With quantities three times lower than whey proteins from caseinate or cheese manufacturing, PROMILK® proteins display extremely efficient gelling properties in dairy products.
The use of native whey proteins in yogurts has a direct impact on reducing syneresis. They are easy to implement: hot or cold rehydration, stable over a wide range of pH. These proteins are commonly used in stirred and set yogurts.


Untouched nutritional proteins to serve the nutrition industry

PRODIET® native whey proteins have two distinctive features: high levels of branched chain amino acids (of which about 50% leucine) and fast digestion profile.
Ingredia’s engineers use a non-denaturing process to ensure consistency of the nutritional properties of our soluble proteins. Their two main characteristics position PRODIET® proteins as a favorite for the four main nutrition markets.

  • In sports, diet and clinical nutrition for their high levels of branched chain amino acids and fast assimilation,
  • In infant* nutrition to be as close as possible to breast milk composition.

Beyond their nutritional quality, PRODIET® proteins are easy to use (among other things, rehydration) and therefore ideal for powdered products. In addition, their pleasant dairy flavor is a real asset in nutrition, where consumers are seeking products with outstanding nutritional quality and great sensory profile.

*Wet mix process.

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