Milk protein hydrolysates

PRODIET® hydrolysates are either native whey proteins or micellar caseins with an optimized protein profile designed to fulfill very specific nutritional needs.

Optimized nutritional value for nutrition markets

Whether coming from caseins or native whey proteins, PRODIET® milk protein hydrolysates are proteins with an optimized nutritional profile. Protein chains have been hydrolyzed by enzymes while keeping their nutritional value. Hydrolysates are mainly used in three nutrition markets:

Infant nutrition*: milk protein hydrolysates cater to the nutritional requirements of infant and toddlers, improving milk proteins digestibility and reducing frequent spit-up

Clinical nutrition: hydrolysates are recommended for a quick supply in amino acids. Hydrolysates ,therefore, make it possible to boost muscle synthesis in sensitive subjects such as the elderly.

Sports nutrition: PRODIET® hydrolysates are also very relevant to sports nutrition for a very fast release of amino acids in the blood flow, thus supporting muscle mass development.

*wet mix process.

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