Micellar caseins

Micellar caseins are milk proteins naturally rich in casein and micellar calcium.
These milk proteins are particularly well known in the food and beverage industry for their texturizing properties and are therefore widely used in cheese manufacturing to enrich milk.

On the contrary, in nutrition applications such as beverages for example, micellar caseins can help achieve high protein contents while maintaining a similar texture to the industry’s fluidity benchmarks.

Micellar caseins are very high added-value proteins thanks to their optimized casein/native whey protein ratio (92/8) as well as their particularly high levels in bioavailable calcium. Our manufacturing process allows us to concentrate micellar caseins in their native form. We therefore obtain more efficient functional and nutritional proteins.


Clinical nutrition’s ally

On the very specific clinical nutrition market, one of the main challenges is to develop high protein products without compromising the nutritional benefit or the sensory profile. Micellar caseins make it possible to effectively combine these three prerequisites. The native origin of the protein gives it a pleasant dairy flavor while making it possible to reach high protein contents (up to 14% thanks to a unique PRODIET® protein). In addition, the high micellar calcium content and the slow digestive profile of micellar caseins make them perfectly suited for this specific and demanding market.

A slow protein to serve the markets of clinical, sports and diet nutrition

In nutrition, micellar caseins are playing an increasingly important part thanks to their scientifically proven nutritional benefits. Optimal amino acid profile and very good chemical score are two inherent properties much sought after in nutrition and that micellar caseins offer. Micellar caseins are slow-digested proteins with an extended release of amino acids in the blood flow that can last up to seven hours after consumption. In sports nutrition, this unique digestion profile allows the consumer to experience optimal muscle recovery after physical exercise. The gradual release of amino acids in the blood flow allows the body to boost muscle synthesis to compensate for the deterioration happening during exercise. In diet nutrition, micellar caseins are particularly interesting for weight management. In addition, the high levels of highly bioavailable micellar calcium contribute to the following health benefits: reducing fat storage in the body and strengthening bone mass.


A « cheeseable » protein

Native micellar caseins have outstanding hydration properties and are heat-stable, which makes them particularly easy to use. Micellar caseins are very popular in the cheese industry as they offer good texturizing properties and thus give a structure to cheese.

Milk standardization (consistent adjustment of the milk’s protein content to the maximum level reached that year), enrichment (increase of the protein content beyond the maximum level reached that year), cheese manufacturing without whey separation, processed cheese technology, etc. are all sectors that use micellar caseins very often.

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