Total milk proteins

Total milk proteins are unique in that they have the same casein/native whey protein ratio as raw milk. Our non-denaturing process ensures a balanced nutritional profile and enhanced functionalities.

Total milk proteins are extracted from fresh milk through membrane separation. This non-denaturing process allows proteins to keep their original conformation. They are therefore particularly effective in applications and benefit from outstanding nutritional properties. These proteins are used both in the food & beverage industry and the health & nutrition sector.

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In fresh dairy products

In the food industry, milk proteins are known for their functional properties: texture enhancement, water-binding capacity and heat stability. PROMILK® proteins are widely used in fresh dairy products. They are used in the formulation of stirred and set yogurt to enhance texture and give products a shiny look.

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Not only in yogurt…

… but also in cheese and beverage! In cheese manufacturing, PROMILK® total milk proteins are used, for example, in the formulation of fresh cheese and processed cheese. They bring texture to the cheese and allow for yields optimization. In beverage, the micellar calcium content of total milk proteins is particularly attractive. Micellar calcium is the most bioavailable source of calcium for the human body.

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A balanced nutritional protein

Total milk proteins have a balanced nutritional profile, with, among other things, a very good chemical score (>100). The 80% caseins / 20% native whey proteins ratio ensures an optimal supply in both slow and fast release proteins. Associated with these nutritional properties, the functional capabilities of these proteins make them essential ingredients for nutrition markets. Total milk proteins are heat stable and easy to use. Also, PRODIET® proteins are used in the formulation of high protein beverages and powder mixes for the markets of diet, sports and clinical nutrition. Our range of differentiating ingredients is designed to support the development of unique products thanks to very high protein contents (up to 90%) and reduced lactose contents through an enzymatic process (< 0.3% of lactose).

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